Messages from the Temple's President

     On behalf of the Officers and Members of Temple Tifereth Israel in beautiful Winthrop-by-the-Sea, I want to welcome any one who is seeking a friendly, comfortable, and non-judgmental congregation to join with us for any of the relaxed, and unintimidating services (see listing) as well as for any other religious, spiritual, or social event.
     For anyone interested, we would be more than happy to provide a tour of the Temple as well as explain all aspects of our Temple life. Please conteact the Temple at 617-846-1390 or by e-mail at to arrange for a visit.

     To members and friends of our Temple, if you have not already heard, I am stepping down as president of the Temple after more than a decade in the office. The Board of Directors has started the process of looking for candidates for the Temple's offices and will shortly determine a date for election of new officers. The Board will keep everyone informed of their progress in this matter and in addressing other issues that have come to their attention. The immediate need is that of identifying Temple members willing to volunteer their services. Anyone willing to do so, should contact the Temple, indicating what time they have available and, if possible, what areas of Temple operation in which they might be interested in helping.

Mrs. Sandra (Goldstein) Pellegrino
President, Temple Tifereth Israel

What Do You Want Your Temple to Be?

     Temple Tifereth Israel is about to enter a new chapter in its more than 100 year history. Temple Tifereth Israel today is not the Temple of a century ago. It is not the Temple of 50 years ago and it is not even the Temple of two decades ago. But, most importantly, what do YOU want Temple Tifereth Israel to be next year, in ten years and still later?

     The Jewish communities in and around Winthrop have changed – and still more changes are coming. New residential construction in Chelsea, Revere and East Boston is bringing in new families to these cities and, it must be assumed, young Jewish families are among these new residents. Winthrop’s Jewish community of yesteryear has shrunk as its younger members chose to move out of town. As a result, Temple Tifereth Israel’s membership has dramatically decreased over the past two or three decades and our current membership is largely composed of seniors. If the Temple is to continue in existence, it behooves us to reach out to the younger Jewish community, not just here in Winthrop, but in our neighboring cities and towns - in particular, to the new and younger Jews beginning to come into Chelsea, Revere and East Boston.

     The number of Temples and synagogues in these adjoining cities has shrunk to near zero. Ours is the only Hebrew School in the area and we are the only temple or synagogue to hold services every Saturday and Sunday. But, this will not continue without an influx of new and younger members. The time has now come to work toward this objective.

     We need NEW people NOW to step up and take over the elective offices of Temple Tifereth Israel. Our president of 15 years is stepping down; our other elective offices have essentially been unfilled for years. Committees responsible for most of the Temple’s operations are largely unstaffed. We are calling upon all Temple members who are able to, to come forward now and fill these vacancies. Even more urgently, we are calling upon all members of the Jewish communities of Winthrop and its surrounding cities and towns who are not Temple members to join with us to determine the direction and future of this magnificent Jewish institution. Come in, you decide on what you want the Temple to be in the coming years.

     We are calling on everyone - members and nonmembers – to volunteer to be officers, to be committee chairpersons, to serve on committees, and simply help to chart the future direction of Temple Tifereth Israel. Call the Temple at 617-846-1390, e-mail us or come in and tell us in person that you want to do whatever you can to continue making Temple Tifereth Israel the needed and important part of Jewish life in and around Winthrop. Don't put off doing it - do it now!

Temple - Then and Now

Never Had A Bar or Bas Mitzvah?

      Some of our Temple members and some members of the Jewish community in and around Winthrop who are not members of the Temple may have never experienced their own Bar or Bas Mitzvah. We are offering the opportunity for these people to become Bar or Bas Mitzvah'd. Your Bar/Bas Mitzvah training will include English and Hebrew and everyone, no matter what their background or ability, will be able to participate and achieve this wonderful goal.

      Contact the Temple at "617-846-1390" for more information. Remember: Everyone can be a participant, as long as you have the desire. We will accommodate to everyone's abilities, needs and desires.


Temple Gift Shop   TEMPLE GIFT SHOP   T-shirts

     Instead of running around wasting expesive fuel to find a gift for your child, grandchild, or anyone else, you can buy or order the perfect gift from the Temple's Gift Shop, while helping to support the Temple. To purchase an item, call the office at 617-846-1390 to see if they can order what you want.

If Not Now, When is the Right Time to Place a Leaf on the Tree of Life?

     Place a leaf on the Tree of Life in the Main Sancutary to support the Temple while showing your love and affection for dear friends and relatives. Engraved leafs cost only $180 and there is no more appropriate way to honor loved ones and to celebrate those special occasions - anniversaries, births, birthdays, etc.

     You can order your leaf by providing the Temple with your instructions for the name and message to be placed on the leaf and sending in your payment. It will normally take 4 to 5 weeks for your order to be completed.

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