Temple Sisterhood

All women associated with Temple Tifereth Israel are invited to join the Sisterhood, both to aid the Temple and its Hebrew School, but also to provide a venue for enjoyment and socialization. If you or anyone else you know would like to join the sisterhood or participate in any of its activities, please contact the Temple for information. New members and new ideas are always welcome.

The November Sisterhood meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 13 November at 6:30 pm. To confirm the date and time,call 617-846-1390 or e-mail to

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Mensch on a Bench

Over the High Holy Days, our Mensch on a Bench became lost. He is sorely missed. If anyone comes across our 10th man, please send him back to his home in the daily chapel.

Women's Once-A-Month Discussion Group

Women's Discussion Group For a bit of once-a-month relaxation and friendly banter, spend an hour or two shmoozing with old and new friends at the Women's Once-A-Month Rosh Chodesh Discussion Group. These sessions are open to all women, and all subjects and topics can be brought up and discussed. The discussions are strictly informal. The Discussion Group meets one Saturday a month, after Shabbat morning services, around 12 noon.

For the date/time of the next Discussion Group meeting, contact the Temple at 617-846-1390 or at

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