About The Temple

     Temple Tifereth Israel of Winthrop is an unaffiliated Jewish congregation, whose services and practices nominally follow the Conservative tradition. We provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for our congregants and visitors. The Congregation is committed to preserving Jewish values and traditions.
     The Temple is located just north of Boston and is adjacent to East Boston, Logan Airport, Revere, and Chelsea. Winthrop has a population of approximately 20,000, is largely residential and is a peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean to the East and Boston Harbor to the West.
     Public transportation provides convenient low cost access to Boston, while road access to Boston, points west and south is provided by 3 tunnels below Boston Harbor. Points north of Boston, including New Hampshire and Maine, are easily reached by highways adjacent to Winthrop.

Officers & Clergy

PRESIDENT: Sandra (Goldstein) Pellegrino
VICE PRESIDENTS: Dana Stone, Steven Miller

Welcome to Our Newest Sponsor - HOME CARE WITH GRACE

     Temple Tifereth Israel welcomes its newest web site sponsor - HOME CARE WITH GRACE. Home Care With Grace is a Winthrop-based service that provides in-home adult foster care. They have a diverse and multilingual caregiver staff to assist seniors and adults with disabilities. It is oftern found that quality of life is better maintained by remaining home in a familiar environment with people who are trustworthy, respectful, and professional. For more information about our newest sponsor, click on Home Care with Grace.

Remember When . . . Temple Celebrates

Rededication of Torahs

Rededication of Torahs

     Temple members, friends, family, town clergy and town officials came together on Sunday, 4 November 2007 at Temple Tifereth Israel to complete the restoration of three of the Temple’s Torah scrolls and to join in celebrating the rededication of the Torahs. The ceremony was led by Meyer Blumenthal, Rabbi Judi Ehrlich, Temple President Sandy Pellegrino and Torah scribe Jay Greenspan. The three Torahs were carried from the ark by Rabbis Katy Allen, Judi Ehrlich and Paul Levinson under a wedding chuppah borne aloft by Erma Levy, David Levy, Dana Stone, and Barry Yaffee. While being carried to tables in front of the stage in the main hall, just about everyone took part in singing and dancing with the Torahs, to the accompaniment of the Aviv Klezmer band. The Torah scrolls were then placed on three tables, with one Torah opened to Bereshit (the beginning of the 1st of 5 books of the Torah), one to Devorim (the end of the 5th of 5 books of the Torah), and the third to the Song of the Sea, in Exodus (the 2nd of 5 books of the Torah) which was sung by the Israelites beside the Red Sea after their miraculous salvation form Pharaoh’s pursuing army. Sofer Jay Greenspan then explained the Torah scribing process to the audience and followed this with the final scribing in the Torahs by the Hebrew School students and their teachers under his guidance. The formal portion of the ceremony was completed with the unrolling of one complete Torah scroll and then the procession to return the Torahs to Holy Ark. The day’s festivities concluded with generous helpings of refreshments and Klezmer music.

Arnold Kaplan Getting Well

Arnie Kaplan      As many of you know, our resident Kohane, Arnold Kaplan, was struck by a car back in November and suffered a knee injury that required surgery. Since then he has been recuperating at the Aberjona Nursing Home on Swanton Street in Winchester.

     Arnie, as he is better known, has been a constant attendee at all of out Temple functions for innumerable years, as well a minyon mainstay at our Saturday and Sunday morning services. He is also our resident trivia expert on Dorchester and Roxbury, old time musicals, old time music, old time radio shows, etc.

     Since his injury, Arnie has been steadily regaining his health, sense of humor, singing voice, and treasury of weekly questions about anything musical. At present, he is getting around with the aid of a walker. His spirits are high and his hearing aid is working.

     Being his sociable self, Arnie loves to have visitors and would much appreciate a visit if anyone has the time and can make it out to Winchester. He is in Room 219 and his roommate, Bob is very personable and a pleasure with whom to converse and reminisce.

     Arnie is sorely missed at the Temple and we all wish him a speedy and complete return to health.

1 February 2019

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