About The Temple

     Temple Tifereth Israel of Winthrop is an unaffiliated Jewish congregation. We provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for our congregants and visitors. The Congregation is committed to preserving Jewish values and traditions.
     The Temple is located just north of Boston and is adjacent to East Boston, Logan Airport, Revere, and Chelsea. Winthrop has a population of approximately 20,000, is largely residential and is a peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean to the East and Boston Harbor to the West.
     Public transportation provides convenient low cost access to Boston, while road access to Boston, points west and south is provided by 3 tunnels below Boston Harbor. Points north of Boston, including New Hampshire and Maine, are easily reached by highways adjacent to Winthrop.

Officers & Clergy

PRESIDENT: Sandra (Goldstein) Pellegrino
VICE PRESIDENTS: Dana Stone, Steven Miller

Tour of Chelsea's Walnut Street Shul

      On Sunday afternoon, 8 December, a group of Temple members was treated to a tour of the historic Walnut Street Shul in Chelsea. The tour was organized by David Joslin on behalf of the Temple Brotherhood. The Walnut Street Shul is one of the longest-operating synagogues in Massachusetts and is a National Historic Site.

      The tour of the Walnut Street Shul was led by, Ed Medros, the shul president. Taking the tour were David Joslin, Evi Stern, Sandy Pellegrino, Amy Yorra and Burton Figler. Ed Medros was an excellent tour guide and the visitors from Temple Tifereth Israel enjoyed seeing the many historic document, pictures, and relics from a bygone era. A number of the people in the many photographs on display were recognized by some of our Temple members, as were many of the names of people appearing on a number of the documents, tablets and wall hangings on display.

      Besides being a museum of sorts and a national historic site, the Walnut Street Shul is a functioning synagogue, holding services once a month and on Jewish holidays. It also hosts events, e.g., Bar/Bas Mitzvot. The shul serves as a reminder of the glory days of the large Jewish community that existed in Chelsea up until the late twentieth century.

      Thanks to our Rabbinical Intern, David Joslin, for arranging the tour for the Temple Brotherhood.

Walnut Street Shul

1 January 2020

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